Meet Our Mentors

Sharanappa Hagedal

Managing Director, Shraddha Tools and Dyes
Navodyami  Sharanappa Hagedal MD, Shraddha Tools and Dyes,
Sharanappa Hagedal has a typical rural background. His father is a farmer who works in a dry land without irrigation. However, he has had an entrepreneurial mindset from his schooldays, Selling Bananas, offerings and photography stalls during Melas and Jatra (festivals). In the 80s and 90s, India faced a shortage of employment, and Sharanappa wanted to help contributing his country. He knew that he could either seek employment or start his own business and provide employment to 20-30 people. Thus, after receiving his diploma in tool and dies-making, he worked for several years in small companies before starting Shradha Tools and Dies in 1995.
The beginning was quite rough, as no one would grant a loan to someone from an agricultural background, nor did he have enough funds to invest. So, in the beginning, he would do the planning and execution and outsourced the work. Now his company makes dyes and a variety of engineering tools for industries.
He has achieved his goal of providing work to 30 people, who are mostly high-skilled, and there are over 50 families, directly and indirectly, benefitting from his company. In the next few years, he plans to expand his companies and diversify into green renewable energy. He encourages entrepreneurs not to give up because difficulties are a part of life, but they can overcome them with hard work and patience.