Navodyami Santhe

Navodyami Santhe

'Santhe' means a market emporium for products. Navodyami Santhe aims to exhilarate and support artisanship's from indigent & marginalized communities.

It is one of those few exhibitions that offers a better market place for all the small-scale entrepreneurs. Navodyami santhe helps accelerate their business growth at a well versed increased turnover rate.

It also intends to support women entrepreneurs across various rural and urban localities. Since its inception Navodyami Santhe has created a large reticule for artisans across various clusters.

We endeavor to present the best quality market products at a very cost-effective price. Our product line-up includes host of traditional & unique collection which brings the presence of Indian cultural insights.

Navodyami Santhe's efforts to bring you the most artistic experience through our festive occasion.

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MG Kulkarni Navodyami Entrepreneur

"Navodyami is a great place to explore enormous opportunities in terms of knowledge, selling products etc. It has given me a wonderful market place to exhibit my products to customers."

M.G Kulkarni

Uma Gulat Navodyami Entrepreneur

"Navodyami Santhe has helped me to understand the customers demand and to enroot new marketing skills to reach the right audience for my business."

Uma Gulat

Laxmi Kalanidhi Arts & Crafts Navodyami Entrepreneur

"Navodyami has played an eminent role in taking my business venture to a next level platform through Navodyami Santhe. It has changed my thinking abilities into a creative one."

Laxmi - Kalanidhi Arts & Crafts