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The experts from industries such as Omkar,Yes Bank Axis bank, Nandi chilly Pvt LTD and MBA Professors shares their business knowledge with micro entrepreneurs and gives them ideas, suggestion for business development. They also do visit of navodyami micro entrepreneurs unit to guide them for product quality improvement.

Navodyami Program Mentors Mr. Naveen Jha CEO,Deshpande Foundation
Navodyami Mentors
Navodyami Program Mentors  Dr. Neelam Maheshwari Director, Grants

Dr. Neelam Maheshwari

Director, Grants

Dr. Neelam Maheshwari received her Ph.D in Gender Studies from the State University of New York in Buffalo in 2012 and her Masters in International Development from Brandeis University in Boston in 2007. Neelam brings with her over ten years of experience promoting small enterprises, producer collectives and community led microfinance. At the Deshpande Foundation, Neelam manages Hubli Sandbox's livelihoods and small enterprises program; where she has helped several organizations develop revenue models of their program, launch community led producer collectives and market led livelihoods initiatives.

Besides monitoring and managing partnership with Sandbox partners, Neelam helps create prototypes that drive entrepreneurial opportunities at the bottom of the pyramid. In 2011 she initiated a unique program "Navodyami" that has assisted over hundred small entrepreneurs in the Hubli Sandbox by providing mentorship, financial and marketing support.

Navodyami Mentors
Navodyami Program Mentors  Mr. Prasanna Dixit

Mr. Prasanna Dixit

Director: Mahaveer Info way limited

Prasanna Ramesh Dixit leads the Business development and operations of the organization. He has been successful in generating opportunities in various industries. Presently he heads the distribution process for IT and Telecom solutions. Mahaveer Info way Ltd (MIL) is a provider of technology oriented solutions working in a domain of Software Development, Networking Solutions, IT Consulting, Training, Software Testing, Offshore staffing, Real estate development, Distribution of IT & Telecom products and Financial Services.
MIL is a unique company with great expertise and resources having rich experience in diverse domains ranging from IT to distribution, Training to consultancy and infrastructure development, it also provides consulting and information technology (IT) services. Other services offered are software integration, system maintenance, packaged software, Product and Application testing and engineering design services.

Navodyami Mentors
Navodyami Program Mentors  Mr. V.S. Toppal Partner, BDP Nandi (Patil And Ashok Masala Products)

Mr. V.S. Toppal

Partner, BDP Nandi ( Patil And Ashok Masala Products)

V.S. Toppal is a partner of BDP Nandi, a company that has been producing spices since 1938. They started in Hubballi producing a variety of spices including chili, turmeric, masala, and more. They began with a small quantity and a single factory, but have grown to selling all over North Karnataka. Currently they even supply overseas to places like Tokyo, Japan. With their successful business practices their turnover reaches 5-6 Cr per annum.
V.S. Toppal takes a keen interest in helping other micro-entrepreneurs grow their businesses, particularly women. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge with the Navodyamis and helps them succeed as well.

Navodyami Mentors
Navodyami Program Mentors  Mr. Jitender Jain Poonam Marketing, Hubballi

Mr. Jitender Bhansali

Poonam Marketing, Hubballi

Jitender Bhansali started Poonam Marketing in the year 2000, a wholesale for food products and consumer goods in the Hubli area. The brands they work with include Kwality, Mapro, Falero, Winn, Surabhi, Dr. Oetker Funfoods, Frutin’s, Hamdead, and MDH. They have established a good network and currently have over 500 distributors and 15,000 outlets over Karnataka. With their commitment to honest business and good service, they have been able to grow their business 40-50% each year. Although marketing of food products continues to be a challenge, all the brands they work with have started out with zero and grown to gain a turnover of 50-70 lakh each month. They hope to share their knowledge of marketing with growing Naovdyamis.

Navodyami Mentors
Navodyami Program Mentors  Mr. Vinay Mallapur CEO, DeVault Inc,  Hubballi

Mr. Vinay Mallapur

CEO, DeVault Inc, Hubballi

Vinay Mallapur founded DeVault Inc. in 2007 and is the CEO of his company. They make unique non-standard machines and components for food processing, automobiles, and other purposes. They first began with a domain and outsourced the majority of their manufacturing, but they wanted to grow their manufacturing so they shifted it back to the local area and reduced their outsourcing.
Although every day presents new machines and new challenges for Vinay, he says passion is what keeps him awake. Even after all these years, he continues to work 16 hours a day in his business, and this passion fuels him to grow his business larger and larger.

Navodyami Mentors
Navodyami Program Mentors  Mr. Vinay Mallapur CEO, DeVault Inc,  Hubballi

Mr. Sadanand S. Kamat

MD, Kamat Yatri Niwas, Hubballi

Sadanand S. Kamat is a second generation business owner and entrepreneur in the hotel and restaurant business. He is a managing partner and director of S. P. Kamat Group that began in 1948, and they provide high quality pure vegetarian foods that are suitable for any person, from working men to young children. They currently have over 50 restaurants and hotels all over Karnataka, with some in Mumbai and Hyderabad. They have established a good brand name and loyal customers for their business, a key component of their success. Despite government regulation and worker shortages, S. P. Kamat Group continues to expand in Karnataka, especially in South Karnataka.
Sadanand S. Kamat has been a proud supporter or budding entrepreneurs and enjoys sharing his knowledge to help Navodyamis grow their businesses.

Navodyami Mentors
Navodyami Program Mentors  Mr. Vinay Mallapur CEO, DeVault Inc,  Hubballi

Mr. Sharanappa Hagedal

Managing Director, Shraddha Tools and Dyes, Hubballi

Sharanappa Hagedal has a typical rural background. His father is a farmer who works in a dry land without irrigation. However, he has had an entrepreneurial mindset from his schooldays, Selling Bananas, offerings and photography stalls during Melas and Jatra (festivals). In the 80s and 90s, India faced a shortage of employment, and Sharanappa wanted to help contribute to his country. He knew that he could either seek employment or start his own business and provide employment to 20-30 people. Thus, after receiving his diploma in tool and dies-making, he worked for several years in small companies before starting Shradha Tools & Dies in 1995.
The beginning was quite rough, as no one would grant a loan to someone from an agricultural background, nor did he have enough funds to invest. So, in the beginning, he would do the planning and execution and outsourced the work. Now his company makes dyes and a variety of engineering tools for industries. He has achieved his goal of providing work to 30 people, who are mostly high-skilled, and there are over 50 families, directly and indirectly, benefitting from his company. In the next few years, he plans to expand his companies and diversify into green renewable energy. He encourages entrepreneurs to not give up because difficulties are a part of life, but they can overcome them with hard work and patience.

Navodyami Mentors
Navodyami Program Mentors  Mr. Manjunath R. Pujar CEO, Shree Matha Nutri Foods, Hubballi

Mr. Manjunath R. Pujar

CEO, Shree Matha Nutri Foods, Hubballi

Manjunath R. Pujar born on 16-8-1964 completed his ITI in Computer Science in the year 1990 from ITI institute in Bagalkot. He is married to Renuka and has 2 sons Santosh & Bahushruth, he founded Shree Matha Nutrifoods in the year 2002 at Bagalkot as it was his wife’s native and his objective was to introduce nutritious food to the people of North Karnataka.
Manjunath R Pujar came up with a nutrifoods industry engaged in manufacturing Ragi (Millets) malt, Oats cookies, Rice Poushtik, Wheat Poushtik and more for the residents of North Karnataka and it is an excellent supplementary food for infants. He shifted his industry from Bagalkot to Hubli in the year 2006 facing lot of obstacles mainly lack of experience, insufficient funds and less knowledge in the same field. Now he is one of the successful business person meeting customers’ demands and envision developing his industry to fulfill nutritional needs of the people in North Karnataka.
SMNF employs around 32 employees in manufacturing plant and 18 marketing and sales representatives. Sales during 10 yrs. back were Rs 30000 and in the present year it has raised up to Rs 18 lakhs month. SMNF is a vendor for Kraftheinz manufacturer of Complain MNC Company; we cater to other states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra other than Karnataka.

Navodyami Mentors
Navodyami Program Mentors  Mr. Amit P Kalkundri CEO, Paraspar Services Pvt. Ltd, BELGAUM

Mr. Amit P Kalkundri

CEO, Paraspar Services Pvt. Ltd, BELGAUM

Amit P Kalkundri is an experienced business consultant who has worked in major brands and companies listed in Fortune 500. He graduated with a commerce degree and completed an MBA in marketing and finance. After working in the , automobile ( Tyre & lubricants ) banking and insurance sector, he began noticing something that there are good number of problems which need to be solved at the bottom the pyramid ( especially in financial services , healthcare and travel ) and this gave him the business idea . The set up cost for banks / NBFC /insurance companies in small villages is too high and unsustainable, which meant leaving out many people who needed access to banking and its allied services. That is why he started up his business” Paraspar Services Pvt. Ltd.”, a chain of kiosks/ agents that will be able to offer banking, insurance, water, mobile, and such services to tier 3 and tier 4 towns. Around the same time 3 years ago, he also started a consulting business for franchise consulting and investment, and has been working on these projects simultaneously.
Although his business has recently started with a few independent agents / kiosks, he has large aspirations for expansion in the future. In 2 years he hopes to have over 700 outlets in these villages, and provide these accessible services to more people at the bottom of the pyramid.

Navodyami Mentors
Navodyami Program Mentors  Mr. Veerendra Neeli Proprietor, CBN Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd,

Mr. Veerendra Neeli

Proprietor, CBN Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd, Hubballi

Veerendra Neeli is 28 years old has a background of marketing and branding, He worked as a branding specialist in Bangalore for several years before deciding to take a chance and start his own snack company. He has always been interested in the snack business even though he does not have experience running his own company. He spend 1 ½ years on research, touring different companies and factories to gain inside knowledge about the food industry. Veerendra founded his business CBN Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd in 2015 making snacks and other food products. In the span of less than a year, he has already seen positive response from his customers and has super stocks in 6-7 districts around Hubballi. He has a lot more plans in development and hopes to grow his business in the coming years.

Navodyami Mentors