Iranna Rotte

Deputy Director, Navodyami Program
Iranna Rotte, Deputy Director, Navodyami

Iranna completed his master degree from Valchand college Sholapur. He joined Navodyami in the year 2011. Deshpande Foundation gave a new lease of life to him. He was disappointed due to his poor communication and other required skills to hold a job. He joined a fellowship program in Deshpande Foundation and gained that positive approach towards life which he was looking for. So, He says completing a fellowship here is a turning point in his life. He is heading Navodyami team of the foundation and engrossed in helping the micro, small & medium entrepreneurs in all the three-sandbox area with the help of a dedicated team.

Currently, he can handle a good number of team and provide the necessary knowledge to scale the entrepreneurs by conducting various workshops. He wholeheartedly thank the foundation for providing this opportunity of work towards the betterment of organization & society.