Navodyami Santhe aims to encourage and support handicrafts artisans from underprivileged and marginalized communities. It is one of the very few exhibitions in India that provides platform for artisans to showcase their handicraft works and support them in terms of direct marketing,. This helps them significantly to increase the turnover rate. Recognizing the fact that exhibitions like this not only focus on alleviation of poverty among different levels of artisans, but also leads to human empowerment. Since its inception, Navodyami Santhes (Navodyami Fair) created a large network of artisans from different clusters.The entrepreneurs also get to meet mentors and experts. Additionally, the exhibition offers a place to share their experiences and gain insights and inspiration from eachother.

The main aim of the Navodyami Sammelana (Navodyami Summit) is to bring together the Navodyamis, successful entrepreneurs and bankers to discuss good business practices, and engage them in a fruitful debate facilitating knowledge sharing.

An additional goal of the summit is to provide a platform for Navodyamis with multi-disciplinary interest relating to business and effective management of the organization. Share the ideas and future expansion of business strategies and get an in-depth knowledge of the latest updates in the relevant field of expertise.

Pragati Training is designed for aspiring, self-employed population to get ideas about business and start their own enterprise. The participents will also get practical training in products making, sessions by industry experts on mentorship, accounting and many more.

Navodyami Pragathi training incorporates various training programs such as Fevicryl creative art training, Millet's training, Art and Craft training, Designer blouse, Kids apparels, Wooden craft , Machine embroidery and Ethnic wear training. The programme aims to train women entrepreneurs across the clusters.

Navodyami program launched unique training called the ‘Navodyami Karyagara’ (Navodyami Training) where entrepreneurs from different sectors can take part.

We provide training on digital payments, micro enterprise registration process, basic accounts maintenance and basic GST session for entrepreneurs.