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One of the few programs focused on micro-entrepreneurs in India, Navodyami trains entrepreneurs to excel in best business practices, and then assists them in scaling up their sustainable enterprises.

Navodyami Program was launched by Deshpande Foundation in 2011. Navodyami focuses on micro-entrepreneurship at the bottom of the pyramid and provides the necessary mentorship, resources and assistance to help entrepreneurs increase their annual turnover. Navodyami is a comprehensive program that provides a complete platform and support network for entrepreneurs. The goal of the program is to nurture entrepreneurs from rural and peri-urban areas at the bottom of the pyramid. Navodyami assists with providing mentorship, credit, marketing and business advice in order to scale up.

We are working in 4 DF Sandboxes spanning 12 districts across 3 states : Ek Soch Sandbox Uttar Pradesh, Hubballi Sandbox Karnataka and Kakatiya Sandbox Telangana.

Our Team Members

Meet the Team behind

Naveen Jha CEO Deshpande Foundation Navodyami
Naveen Jha

CEO, Deshpande Foundation

 Dr.Neelam Maheshwari Director, Grants & Navodyami Deshpande Foundation
Dr. Neelam Maheshwari

Director, Grants & Navodyami

Iranna Rotte Program Manager, Navodyami Deshpande Foundation
Iranna Rotte

Program Manager, Navodyami